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In The StarGate Universe Wars, the war is fought with 4 factions called Asgard, Wraith, Tauri and Replicators. To succeed you will initially need to build up your unit production, which is vital in the early stages of every players career, to supply you with new units to be used in various ways, such as gathering income, attack enemies, protect yourself from enemy attacks or for covert operations like sabotage. Your income can be used initially to increase your unit production, buy weapons to arm your soldiers or increasing the effectiveness of your spies and assasins. You can then use these to attack others for their gold to put to your own use, destroy your enemies defences, kill their spies and sabotage their weapons to cripple their military power, but be careful others can do the same to you if you make yourself the wrong enemies, that is why you should never neglect your income and unit production and it should always be high enough as to allow for an easy recovery of your account's power.

Once you reach a certain stage you will be able to afford the Deprevation Vessel, this will give you the ability to support your ground troops in battle (when attacking or defending) or send it out into space to look for habitable planets which, when found, will bring it closer to your homeworld into a stable orbit and which will benefit you by giving you a boost to a particular stat (attack,defence,covert, income or unit production). You will also have the option to attack other players planets which, when successful, will knock the planet from the players location into a stable orbit close to your homeworld and you will then be able to harness the benefit of that particular planet.

Eventually you will also be able to afford costly research. This will allow you to develop technologies which will grant you additional significant benefits to your armies (note that at any particular time you are only able to have a certain number of technologies installed)

From the playable factions/races each has a particular area in which they excel.

  • The Tauri make 25% more gold each turn. Useful for buying more weaponry for your armies or upgrades to make your account more powerful.
  • The Asgard 25% better at Defence Action. This can be a great advantage in defending your wealth.
  • The wraith 25% more Strike Action. Enabling the player to defeat a targets defence with less effort than the other factions.
  • The Replicators have 25% increased Covert Action. This gives them the advatage of seeing more and causing their opponent having to mobilize more covert potential to be successful in covert operations against a Replicators player

If you are ready to start playing as commander of your own army, then click here to create an account.

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These rules can be changed at ANY time.
As a general rule, anything is permitted that is not forbidden, but in case of uncertainties refer to rule number 2 in the section Enforcement
Please keep in mind that all accounts are closely monitored, and we do catch the cheaters. see Banned users list


  • 1) Attempting to Hack/Packet the server or Abusing security holes (if any).
  • 2) Repeatedly refreshing pages to slow the server.Logged In
  • 3) Using auto refresh to stay Logged In.
  • 4) ONLY ONE ACCOUNT per person. Having more than one account because you have more than one computer or because a friend registered an account and gave it to you is cheating.
  • 5) Having a friend or relative create an account just to "feed"/benefit your account in any way (not just sending resources) with little or no intention by the friend or relative to play this game at any point in time, is considered multi accounting and is deemed cheating.
  • 6) Donating resources to a user who is stronger than you is also considered "feeding", in general the admin has the right to decide if a trade is considered "feeding" or not.
  • 7) Sharing passwords with other people and logging into accounts that are not yours.
  • 8) Using cross server trades, using goods on other online games to trade with for goods on this game.
  • 9) Selling resources for real life currency or selling your account for real life currency.
  • 10) Creating your own cash market.
  • 11) Abusing bugs/exploits that affect the balance of the game, or knowing about them and not reporting them to admins and/or posting on the forum. If your account is affected by this (such as money appearing out of nowhere) then please refrain of doing anything to your account and contact game mods/admin asap.
  • 12) Purchasing, Selling or Using "bugged" resources (bugged means aquired via a cheat or a bug in the code knowingly or unknowingly). If you see someone with alot of gold, which at the point in time seems unreasonable to be owned by any player (Such as 1 tril gold, when the highest incomes in the game are a few hundred milions only), then report him asap to the admin/game mods and/or post on the forum. Attacking that person even with the intention to steal and use/sell this "bugged" gold constitutes a breach of rules. (This happens rarely if ever but due to the length and complexity of the code it is not possible to exclude the possibility of this happening and we rather warn you to be careful who you trade with or who you attack than having to make unnecesary rollbacks or banning accounts. For your own security if a trade seems too good to be true there is likely something wrong with it).
  • 13) Posting your link anywhere where it is not permitted or bothering people with it in any way (via mass e-mails for example)
  • 14) Trying to hack into other player's accounts, or in any other way attempt to gain access to their accounts.
  • 15) Using a script/program or ANY AUTOMATED PROCESS.
  • 16) Using proxy servers to generate fake hits.
  • 17) Using scripts that fetch information off the SGWARS website.
  • 18) Registering an email address that is not yours.
  • 19) Signing up with false email addresses.


  • 1) If you are caught doing any of the above, your account will either be suspended or terminated.
  • 2) What is important is not the wording of these rules but their intention/spirit (Which is to make the game fair and balanced to all players). Any attempt to bend or bypass these rules, without first contacting the game admin/mods asking for clarification, will be considered a breach of rules and may very well result in your account being subject to suspension or termination.
  • 3) If you get caught trying to Hack/Packet or Abuse the server, you will be banned and your ISP will be contacted. Be warned!
  • 4) Please note that in this site there is many anti bots defences and hacking attempts logs, Be warned!

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Thorough Help Guide for new players:

Getting started/First Login:

When you first login you should first have a look around the page so that you know what‘s what. On the left you will see links to all important pages you will need to visit in order to be a successful player. These pages are:

Further down you will also see some general information like current Gametime, you current rank, the amount of attack turns at your disposal, the gold you have "on hand" or in the open, the amount of gold you have in your bank (Clicking on the word "Bank" will bring you to the bank page where you are able to deposit and withdraw gold) and the number of unread messages you have in your inbox (Clicking on the number or the word read will bring you to your inbox).

Just below the user info section in the middle of the screen you should see something like „Protected for XX:XX:XX“. When you are protected no one is able to attack you in any way or sabotage you. On the other hand you are unable to attack or sabotage anyone else unless you agree to cancel your protection (You are able to spy people when on ppt). Once cancelled it cannot be reactivated, you simply loose it. (Actually every time you‘ll see someone having written {This user is protected by the Furling race} under their name, that will mean they are protected and you can save yourself the bother of trying to attack them).

What the other things are,which you can see, and what they mean is explained later in the Command Center section

    First Steps

  1. What you should do for start is to go to your training page train 1 attack soldier (NOT super soldier) and 1 spy, then go to your armory and buy 1 of the strongest attack weapon. You now have a strike and are able to attack other people for their gold. Then click on the Rankings button on the left side of your screen (Just below the Attack button). This will bring you to the battlefield screen where you have all ranked players listed by descending rank. You have a small covert and small strike so you will most likely not be able to see many players army size or treasury and will certainly not be able to breach most of the people's defences so go to some page where you can see a lot of people's treasuries (this means you can successfully recon them and check if they have any defence).

    If you see a person you can recon then click on their name. This will bring you to their stats page showing you some basic info about their account like army size, treasury, current commander, race, alliance membership (if any), rank, list of officers and planets in possession. Now click on the "Spy" button. This will bring you to the attack page. In the text box under "Reconaissance Mission" type in the amount of spies you have then click "send spies". You will be brought to a recon log (which you can review later again if you want in your intelligence page). If next to "Defensive Potential" you see a 0 then you are able to beat their defence and steal the gold they have in the open. Now go around the rankings and see how much you would be able to hit people with no defences for if you'd only pick the best targets. If you find a few and spied on them to check if they have no defence then declare war on them by clicking the "Declare war" button in their stats page and click on the "Attack" button. Once you get to the attack screen again click on the checkbox to loose your ppt at the top, then type 15 (this means you will use 15 out of a maximum 15 attack turns in your attack) in the text box under "Attack Mission" and click attack. In the battle log scroll down and if you were successful in yellow/gold letters you should see how much you stole.

  2. A wise thing would be now to train your other units into Workers (they will give yo 4 times more income) and spend the rest of your gold on unit production (this is very important if you want to grow fast) you can fo it in the training page. Attack a few more people or as many until you can't find any more good targets or you are out of attack turns (you start out with 200) and after each attack spend your gold on unit production only and be fast because other players are looking for targets too and you might end up being one of them.

Journey to the top begins ...

If you spent all your attack turns then for now you have no other options other than to wait for the following turns in which you will receive more untrained units (based on your unit production), some gold (based on your amount of miners, untrained units and your commander if applicable) and more attack turns (1 attack turn per game turn). Read the other sections which focus more on the theoretical descriptions of all pages and their functions in order to gain a better understanding of the game mechanics and capabilities and to devise a tactic that will suit you best (such as time you can/are willing to spend playing this game, how agressive/diplomatic you can be)

In your career you might want to consider joining an alliance that will help you in times of need but will require loyalty in return and draw upon your resources and require you to stand by your friends side by side when facing foes in times of war.

There are many ways how to play this game in terms of style, strategy and personality, but it is only up to you how you want to shape your reputation and be certain that you will find both like-minded people and people which you will not share opinions about how to play this game but a great player finds a way to live with all

A good idea would be to go on the forum and see if there would be anyone you could join as an officer (you can click here to find Commander in the forum), having a commander will give you a significant income boost in the beginning as your own income will be very small compared to most other players who have been playing for longer. Most commanders will want future officers to have a minimal unit production to join them since a commander-officer relation isn‘t totally selfless as the commander receives a boost to his total unit production which is based on your total unit production. If you cannot find an offer that meets your standards then post a thread of your own, you will certainly receive a few replies within a day or two.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I losing gold and/or soldiers?
You are probably being attacked. Check your attack log to see who and when attacked you, how many soldiers they killed and how much gold they stole from you. To avoid this from happening you might consider to increasing your defence or logging on more often to spend your gold.

How come I'm not listed in the rankings?
You have most likely started playing now and ranks are only recalculated once every turn, so you will have to wait until rankings are generated to appear on the rankings page.

Why doesn't my rank improve when I get more weapons?
Ranks are only recalculated once every Turn, so you will have to wait to see how your ranking has been changed by upgrades or purchases.

How much does this cost to play?
Nothing. It's free. Enjoy! However if you donate some money, or someone donates in your favor, you will receive slight bonuses.

How do I change my race?
If you are new you will choose your race when you register. After you start playing you will have a limited amount of race changes to use but should you ever use one then it will come at a great cost. You can change your race by clicking on the „Reset Account / Change Race“ link at the bottom of your base/command center page.

Why can't I send resources to other players/use the market broker?
You need to have the supporter status, as of now the only way to acquire this is by donating either 35$ to the site via the support page accessible from the command center. You can also pay someone ingame resources to donate in your favor.

I forgot my password, what should I do?
Go to this page and you can get your password emailed to you.

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At the top of every page, around the main logo, are links to:

  • The SGWARS homepage (which will display any news announcements from the site admins),
  • The SGWARS forum,
  • The Help/Rules Page
  • The Updates page where released major updates are shown.

On the left of every page you will find the menu, or if you aren't logged in yet you will see the Login box in the middle of the page. If you are not logged in, enter the number code your username and password here to gain access to the other areas of the site. If you do not yet have a username and password, then click on one of the join buttons under the pictures of the various factions to join the game as that faction.

Once you have logged in and can view the main menu, you will have access to the areas of the site described below.

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Command Center

In the middle of the screen in the user info section you will see all the main information about your account:

  • Name XXX (Your username)
  • E-mail XXX (The email you registered under and where all your retireved passwords will go should you ever request new ones)
  • Race XXX (The race you are playing for, each race has different benefits)
  • Rank XXX Military Records (Your position in the ranks, Military records will be explained later, or click on the link to see the description now)
  • Commander XXX (Your current commander. Can be either you, no one or a different player. Each situation brings different benefits)
  • Fortification XXX (Your fortification level, a basic technology used to increase your defensive potential)
  • Siege Technology XXX (Your siege level, a basic technology used to increase your strike potential)
  • Unit Production XXX (ZZZ) per 24 hours (Your raw and (total) unit production within a 24 hour period, Their difference will be explained later)
  • Available Funds XXX Gold (Current amount of gold in the open or "on hand", this is the amount that can be stolen from you on a successful attack)
  • Projected Income Next Turn XXX Gold (in YYY minutes) (How much income you will get when the turn changes in YYY minutes)
  • Attack Turns (Amount of attack turns at your disposal, check out the Glossary for more info)
  • Covert Turns (Amount of covert turns at your disposal, check out the Glossary for more info)
  • Realm Alert Level (Your current realm alert level, check out the Glossary for more info)
  • Enable in game alert (When checked, allows you to receive a popup window in real time should you get attacked, sabbed, spied or receive a message)
  • Accept new officers (When checked players will be able to join you as officers)
  • Officers % Income to Officers: (You can click this to look up more detailed info about your officers and set how much % of your income will be distributed to your officers by selecting the appropriate amount in the dropdown box)
  • A list of all your officers with basic info such as their name, army size, the faction they play for and their current rank

On the right hand side of your screen you will see your military effectiveness. It is made out of 4 main stats and their combination decides upon your position in the ranks. These stats are Strike Action, Defence Action, Covert Action + Anti-Covert Action (Assasin) and Deprevation Vessel Action.

Strike action measures your capability to attack others for their gold. You increase this by training attack soldiers/super soldiers in your training page, buying attack mercenaries and arming these units with weapons from your armory or going to your research page and researching your basic Siege technologies and the more sophisticated technologies which you will gain access later in the game, or by aquiring planets that give you a boost to your attack capability.

Defence Action measures your capability to protect yourself from incoming attacks (Generally the higher your defence the more gold you can have in the open without having to fear of getting attacked for it). You increase this by training defence soldiers/super soldiers in your training page, buying defence mercenaries and arming these units with weapons from your armory or going to your research page and researching your basic Fortification technologies and the more sophisticated technologies which you will gain access tolater in the game, or by aquiring planets that give you a boost to your defensive capability.

Covert Action shows the power of your intelligence network. On one hand it is used passively to show you some basic stats of other players and hide your stats from other players. These 3 basic stats are army size (you need to have 1/5 of the enemy's covert power to see this), size and type of support planets they own (you need to have twice the enemy's covert power to see this) and the amount of gold they have in the open (you need to have 1/3 of the enemy's covert power to see this). On the other hand you can use it actively to recon someone to get a more detailed report on their account, or even to sabotage people. You can increase this stat by training more spies or by increasing your covert level in your training page or by increasing your covert power by researching your basic covert .

Anti-Covert Action is used to kill enemy spies when attacking the enemy. When you attack someone your assasins will separate from your attacking army and go out to seek and eliminate enemy spies. To be successful you need to have a higher Anti-Covert action than the enemy has covert. To increase this stat you can train more assasins/spy killers or increase your anti-covert skill in the training page.

Deprevation Vessel Action is the combined power (Offensive and defensive) of your Deprevation vessel. To be able to increase this you first need to build such a vessel in your Dock Yard. Once you have aquired it you can equip it with shields and weapons. The purpose of the shields is to absorb the enemy Deprevation Vessels offiensive power (you will loose some shields in this process) in order to avoid weapon losses on your vessel (which are much higher than shield losses if your shields power is insufficient) and to prevent your ground troops from suffering higher casualties when hit by the enemy's Deprevation Vessel. The purpose of weapons is to be able to cause damage to the enemy vessel and if there is any power left then it will be added to your ground troops firepower (In effect increasing your strike or defence potential in battle) up to a maximum of 50% of your defence or attack potential.

Total action is the combined power of all your stats.

Clicking on the "More Details" link will bring you to a screen where a more detailed description of your stats is shown. Your base values for each stat are shown, how much extra power you are getting from your support planets (and whether you reached the maximum), any bonuses you get to these stats from your advanced (NOT basic) technologies and the total power of the stat.

Below this you will find the personnel summary which tells you how many units of each type you own, how many untrained units you have which you can train into advanced units. You will also see your planet list giving you the basic info how many planets, what kind/type of planets you have, how much max bonuses you could be getting from each planet, how many defences there are on each planet and what the sizes are of each planet. You can also click on your Planet Summary to get to a page which will list more details about your planets such as cost of upgrading the size, defence, bonus of the planet. You can see for each planet how many beacons you have installed, the possibility of installing more beacons, abandoning any particular planet or activating a beacon to locate the current position of your planet in the universe(if it has been stolen from you, or you have given it away and want to know where it is)

Below the planet summary you will have the Preferences section where you can change various details in your account such as e-mail, password, race (you have a limited amount of race changes), username (you have a limited amount of name changes), go on vacation mode, or donate to the site and gain some benefits.

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The Attack page is a listing of all the players currently taking part in the game. It starts off on the page of players whose rank is close to your own (you can see your own position on this page, your name shows up in bold text). Using the Next and Previous links at the bottom of the page, you can move up and down the rankings looking for suitable armies to attack. To find out more about any army, click on that player's name.

This will give you their stats page, showing their army size, how much gold they have, and various other info. At the bottom of this page are several buttons, allowing you to either Send a Message to this player using the built-in messaging system, or to Attack them to try and take their gold.

If you choose to Attack the player, you will be taken to another page which allows you to select various types of attack (including covert missions, both reconnaisance and sabotage), and other details about your planned attack.

If you are planning a normal attack mission, you will have to specify how many attack turns you wish to use - you can see how many you have available at the left hand side of the page. The more turns you use on one attack mission, the more gold you will take if your attack is successful - however, you will also sustain more casualties and weapon damage when using higher numbers of attack turns.

A raid mission will allow you to steal a percentage of the enemy's untrained units, to raid you need to own a Deprevation Vessel and it must currently be unoccupied, this means that if you stole a planet. sent your Vessel out to look for new planets or sent it to someone to protect said person you will not be able to raid until your vessel gets back. The system proceeds like with a normal attack, you specify how many attack turns you want to use on a mission, you're successful if you beat the enemy defence and declaring war yields more units being stolen. You can only raid up to your rank plus 10 multiplied by 10 (So if your rank is 10 you can raid from rank 1 up to rank (10+10)*10=200)

If you are planning a covert mission or sabotage mission, you will have to specify how many spies to send. If you are unable to see the target's army size and/or treasury it means you cannot recon them without your spies being noticed, resulting in your mission to fail and loosing some spies. To sabotage someone you must send enough spies to beat their covert power and still have enough power to be able to destroy weapons (you can sabotage up to 2% of the enemy weapons or 204k points worth of weapons, whichever is more). Be careful though because if they have realm alert activated you will need to send considerably more spies to be successful in sabotage.
Both recon and sabotage take 1 covert turn to accomplish, if you have none left you will need to wait for your covert turns to build up again. You receive 1 covert turn each 30 minutes and can increase the maximum amount of covert turns you can have in the research center.

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Attack Log

Your attack log is divided into two parts - people who have attacked you, and people you have attacked. Each part shows the 20 most recent attacks, with next/previous links for changing the view to show older attacks. Next to the basic details about each attack is a link to the full battle report, which will give more detailed information about that particular battle.

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Take a tour in the armory

In the Armory you will see a list of your current weaponry, along with buttons enabling you to repair it if damaged, and scrap or sell it. Underneath that is a list of all available weaponry for your army, which you can purchase items from if you have sufficient gold. At the bottom are the upgrade areas for siege technology and fortifications.

Repairing damaged weapons is done on a per-weapon-type basis. Damage is shown as an average of how many points of strength each weapon of that type has lost. You choose how many points to repair (on all weapons of that type simultaneously), and then click the button (which will be showing you the cost per point). Be careful to repair your weapons to full power before purchasing new weapons of the same type, as those purchased weapons will appear as damaged too, increasing the cost how much you need to pay to repair all of them to full power again.

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Take a tour int the Training page

On the training page you can see details of your troops, as well as training troops as attack or defence experts, or as spies. You can also remove attack/defence training, to allow you to reallocate troops from one category to the other. You cannot reallocate spies.

Also on the training page are the upgrade areas for spy level, anti spy/assasin level and unit production. Increasing your spy level will make it easier for you to successfully spy or sabotage other players, and will make it harder for other players who attempt to spy on or sabotage you. Upgrading your unit production will increase the number of untrained units you recruit every day.

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Research Center

In the research center you can complete various technological improvements to your armies. Increasing your basic covert, attack and defense technologies should be amongst the first things you should do as a new player. You can then also increase the maximum amount of officers you can hold, the amount of maximum covert turns you can hold and your overall technology level.

Once you reach the first technological level you can conduct some theoretical research by clicking on the button �Fast research�. This will give you the option to research specific technologies which will in some cases act as requirements for more sophisticated technologies, in some other cases act as technologies you can, once acquired, install and use their benefits and in some cases act as both.

At any given time you will be able to benefit from up to 5 different technologies. Additionally, you will unlock more powerful weapons, purchasable in the armory as you reach higher scientific levels.

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Dock Yard

In the Dock Yard you are able to build a Deprevation Vessel, see which players sent you their Vessels to protect your realm and how powerful these Vessels are. Up to 5 people can send their Vessels to your realm and these will only help in defending from enemy attacks, they will not support you when you assault someone.

After you build your own Deprevation Vessel you will have the option to name it and also to outfit it with shields and weapons to boost its offensive and defensive power. Shields grant your Vessel defensive capabilities used to absorb offensive damage from enemy vessels limiting how many shields and weapons you loose during the fight and also protecting your ground troops from suffering extra damage dealt by the enemy Vessel. Weapons grant your Vessel offensive capabilities. These are used in ground battles to first attack the enemy vessel to destroy its shields and weapons and if there is enough power left, to support your ground troops and planets during battles (up to a maximum of 50% of their natural power, per Vessel available in your docks) and to attack and successfully capture enemy planets.

To boost your defensive or offensive power you first need to install weapons and shield slots on your Vessel (these become more expensive the more slots you have installed) and then need to purchase weapons and shields (the cost of these remains constant). You can also upgrade your attack and defence weapon technologies, this will boost your offensive and defensive capabilities by 10% per level, the cost of these doubles with each level.

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The intelligence page contains two lists of information. The first is a list of any covert missions into your camp, which your own spies intercepted. This may allow you to work out who has been spying on you or sabotaging you, if some of their missions failed.

The second list of information is the people you have spied on or sabotaged. Here you will see the number of covert missions you have launched against each person, with a link to a page containing the detailed report from each mission.

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In the alliance page you can manage the alliance you are in, can set up your own alliance or join existing ones.

If you are a member you can use the alliance bank as an extra banking space, request taking gold out of the alliance bank and can see various details about the other alliance members and about the alliance itself.

If you are the second in command you can remove members (you cannot remove the leader), increase the bank size and accept or reject bank withdraw requests. You also have access to all-alliance attack logs, can change alliance details, invite new members, reject or accept players who requested to join and can look at member stats, their attack and covert logs. The leader has in addition to these abilities the privilege of designating a second in command.

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In the market you have the opportunity to exchange one type of resources into different types of resources. The rates change with each transaction and each player has a limited amount of Market turns available he can use in a one-week period. The market turns reset each Monday on 00:00. You can also activate your PGC here (if you have the ability to).

From the market page you can also access the auction house, the market broker and the mercenary/backup unit market. The first two are only usable by players who donated to the site.

Auction house: Here you have the option of offering to try and sell a resource at a price you set or to buy resources others have put up for sale.

Market Broker: You can use the market broker for safe/scam free transfer of goods between players. You use it by putting in the ID of the player you want to trade with and then putting in what goods you want to send and to receive.

Mercenary/backup unit market: Here you can buy attack or defense mercenaries that will support your armies in fights. You need to arm them like regular units in order to benefit from them. They are as powerful as your normal attack/defense units (about half as powerful as your super-trained units). You can only have 1 merc for every 4 super soldiers you have.

Research Center: In the research center you can complete various technological improvements to your armies. Increasing your basic covert, attack and defense technologies should be amongst the first things you should do as a new player. You can then also increase the maximum amount of officers you can hold, the amount of maximum covert turns you can hold and your overall technology level.
Once you reach the first technological level you can conduct some theoretical research by clicking on the button “Fast research”. This will give you the option to research specific technologies which will in some cases act as requirements for more sophisticated technologies, in some other cases act as technologies you can, once acquired, install and use their benefits and in some cases act as both.
At any given time you will be able to benefit from up to 5 different technologies. Additionally, you will unlock more powerful weapons, purchasable in the armory as you reach higher scientific levels.

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The Logout option on the menu will log you out from The SGWARS game. This is useful if your computer is used by more than one person, to prevent others from accessing your SGWARS account. If you stop using the site for a length of time, you will be automatically logged out anyway - this is to help reduce the load on the extremely busy SGWARS webserver.

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The Send Message page is accessed from a user's stats page, by clicking on the Send Message button. You are then presented with a page which has areas for you to enter a subject and a message to be sent to that user.

When someone has sent you a message in this fashion, you will notice the message indicator beneath the main menu will change to show how many new messages you have waiting for you. To read them, simply click on the red number and you will be taken to the Read Messages page. The most recent message will appear at the top of the page, with older messages beneath it in reverse order of receipt. You can use the buttons on the right to Reply to or Delete each message.

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Unit production: Your unit production defines how many new (untrained) units you will receive each turn, and in effect each day. Unit production divides into RAW and TOTAL. The total is always higher or equal to the raw and is equal to the amount of untrained units you receive in a 24-hour period. The raw is only important in calculating some bonuses you can receive to increase your total unit production.
You can increase your raw unit production by going to your training page and increasing your unit production there. You can increase your total unit production by having no commander, setting yourself as commander, getting officers or acquiring unit production planets. If you own unit production planets then the max bonus from each planet you can receive is half your raw unit production (If you have a raw unit production of 100 then each unit production planet you have can boost your total unit production by a maximum of 50).

Commanders/Officers: When playing SGWARS you have 3 options in choosing a commander, each choice grants you different benefits. If you set yourself as commander you receive a 20% boost to your RAW unit production. If you have no commander you receive a 10% boost to your income (income planets excluded) and 10% boost to your RAW unit production. If you make someone else your commander, you become his officer and you will receive part of his income.
Having officers allows you to set how much % of your income you will give to them (between 10% and 30%). In return you receive a bonus to your total unit production. This is based on the total unit production of all of your officers and on how many percent of your income you give out to them. You can receive between 3.33-10% of their total unit production as a bonus to your total unit production (the % you get is always worth half the % of income you give out to them)

Planets: You can acquire planets in 2 ways, either you send out your Deprevation Vessel into deep space and find a planet or you steal one from another player. To steal a planet your Vessel must defeat the planetary defences and the enemy Vessel which can boost the planetary defences power by 50% (Per each Vessel docked in target players realm). There are 6 main types of planets: Attack, Defence, Spy, Anti spy/assasin, Income, UP. Each gives you a boost to your account stats.

Planet Summary: In the planet summary you can rename your planets and upgrade them in several ways. You can increase the bonus it grants you, build more defences, install beacons or increase the size of the planet (increasing both the bonus it gives you and the maximum amount of defences you can put on it)

Military Experience: The military experience page is a record of various of your achievements and your final military score. It has no effect on either your total rank nor anything else.


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Tauri: A race on SGWARS has a 25% Income Bonus

Armory: The place where you can purchase attack and defence weapons.

Army Size: The number of all your units put together. Untrained, trained as soldiers, spies, workers or assasins and mercenaries.

Asgard: A race on SGWARS, has a 25% bonus to Defence.

Assasin: A Unit in SGWARS used to kill spies, increases the Anti-Covert Stat.

Attack: You attack someone steal the gold they have in the open. You use between 1 and 15 attack turns and need to defeat their defense to be successful. Changing your relation to war increases the amount stolen.

Attack Log: Here you can see the Reports of everyone who you have attacked, or anyone who has attacked you.

Bank: A place to store a limited amount of your gold where it is safe from enemy attacks.

Command Center: Clicking here allows you to view your own stats like military effectiveness, troop composition, list of planets under your control, unit production, income ...

Casualties: These are the losses suffered from attacks by you or against you. Sending bigger armies into battles results in higher casualties in most cases.

Commander: A player who has officer(s) and gives them part of his income, in return for a boost to his/her total Unit Production (UP).

Deprevation Vessel: A ship that boosts your forces power during battles. Also used to find and capture planets.

Fortifications: The strength of your defence, can be increased.

Fortification Technology: This contributes to the strength of all your defence troops and weaponry.

Gold: The basic monetary unit of SGWARS. You can spend gold in a number of ways.

Intelligence: Here you can read the reports of Covert operations done by you or intercepted operations against you.

Losses: See Casualties

Market Broker: A means of safely trading between players, only available to Supporter Status players

Replicators: A race on SGWARS, has a 25% bonus to spy/antispy.

Officer: Player who set another player as his/her commander, they receive extra income from their commander and give their commander a boost in unit production in return

Race: There are 4 races in SGW - The Replicators, Wraith, Tauri and the Asgard. Each with their own unique bonus.

Realm Alert Level: You can choose between Low, Normal, High and Critical alert level. These lower your income and boost your covert power ONLY when defending against enemy SABOTAGE missions by 10,20,40 and 70% respectively.

Relations: You can be neutral, at peace or at war with someone. Being at war increases both troop losses to both sides and the amount of resources stolen with a successful attack. Being at peace prevents you from doing any aggressive actions agains that person.

Siege Technology: This contributes to the strength of all your attacking troops and weaponry.

Spy: A trained unit in SGWARS, Increases Covert Action and is used for recon and sabotage missions , to hide your own stats and to defended from enemy sabotage attempts.

Soldier: A trained Unit. Can be either basic or super, attacking or defensive.

Turn: The basic unit of time in SGWARS. Currently 30 minutes. All Ranks get updated at the start of each turn. You receive your income and additional units each new turn.

Covert turns: Shows how many times you can spy or sabotage people before your spies get too tired. You receive 1 covert turn each 30 minutes and can increase the maximum amount of covert turns you can have in the research center.

Unit Production: This is the amount of untrained units that will join your army in a 24 hour period. Every turn you will get 1/48th of this amount since a day has 48 turns.

Weapons: These will increase your attack and defence Stats if there are enough soldiers trained to use them.

Wraith: A race on SGWARS, has a 25% bonus to attack.

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